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The revolutionary Clam BigTooth Trophy Thermal Tip-Up practically eliminates the problem of freeze-up in your ice fishing holes. That means no more missed fish, no more spooked fish, and no more time wasted on clearing those blankety-blank ice jams. The Clam Bigtooth Trophy Thermal Tip Up measures 10-1/2" in diameter and will cover any drilled hole size up to 10"; its fully sealed thermal foam liner insulates the hole and holds steady against high winds and blowing snow. Its long shaft is filled with Low Temp Lube for smooth operation; dual trip settings allow you to precisely adjust for bait size, wind speed, and fish activity level. Oversized, high-capacity spool; rigid high-vis green flag; precision crafted using high-quality hardware with wingnuts for easy adjustments. Includes a handy built-in 6-compartment tackle holder.

  • Insulates your ice hole to prevent freeze-ups
  • Fully sealed thermal foam liner
  • Adjustable shaft with dual trip settings
  • Filled with Low Temp Lube for smooth operation
  • Oversized, high-capacity all-brass spool
  • Wingnuts for easy adjustments
  • Rigid hi-vis green flag
  • Easily covers any drilled hole up to 10"
  • Built-in 6-compartment tackle box